Unincorporated County Services

Cook County provides numerous services to the residents of unincorporated areas of the County.

Permits: Application for asbestos removal or demolition permits or submittal of reports shall be conducted online at Electronic Permit Proce… Read More
Building Permit Requirement Guidelines All permits must now be submitted in digital format. To facilitate the approval of a building permi… Read More
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Problem Reporting The 24 hour a day number to call to report problems is (708) 448-8006. Construction Zones Problems within construction… Read More
The County Clerk coordinates all poll workers who act as Election Judges and Equipment Managers for suburban Cook County polling locations.… Read More
An interactive map of current construction activity on the County’s highways.  Hovering on a project provides detailed information for commu… Read More
Home Rule Tax Web (mobile) application The Home Rule Tax Reward program rewards those individuals who report violations of the Cook County… Read More
  The following map is provided in PDF format and can be printed in 8.5″ x 11″ format using Adobe Acrobat Reader “shrink to fit” feature. T… Read More
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Zoning Ordinance AdministrationAdministration of the zoning ordinance shall be exercised through a person in the Department of Building and… Read More