Grant Information

Service Information

Cook County receives grant funds from federal, state, and private agencies for a variety of direct and indirect services provided by Cook County under the program areas of Economic Development, Healthcare, Finance and Administration, and Public Safety. The FY2016 recommended Grants budget is $225M, which is a 2 percent increase from FY2015, primarily attributed to carryover funding from the Department of Planning and Development and Homeland Security and Emergency Management’s formula grant programs. The County receives the majority of its grant funds from the Federal government through direct funding or passthrough funding from the State of Illinois. 

The County is committed to streamlining processes while improving fiscal controls in order to remain current with Federal and State reforms. The Department of Budget and Management Services partners with central service departments, like the Comptroller’s Office, County Auditor, Bureau of Technology, Office of the Chief Procurement Officer, as well as grant-funded departments to implement policies, procedures, technology aimed at enhancing the County’s grant management structure.

The reforms are aimed at improving service delivery and performance, increasing revenue, coordinating services, and streamlining processes. The County is dedicated to increasing grant revenue by 5 percent in 2017 to expand the services provided to the residents of Cook County. As external grantors continue to reform processes, emphasizing the importance of performance outcomes, the County will continue to develop more effective performance measures to increase transparency and accountability of our grant programs.