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President Preckwinkle has published the Policy Roadmap: Five-Year Strategic Plan for Offices Under the President—the first comprehensive policy driven strategic plan for the Offices Under the President (OUP) since the administration’s 2011 transition plan.

We are committed to a process that includes direct input and participation of community, industry and thought partners as well as other stakeholders. This Policy Roadmap incorporates a multitude of public feedback and outlines key policy priorities and strategic initiatives that address public policy challenges facing the residents of the County. It reflects the administration’s core values and vision for fostering safe, thriving and healthy communities.

Download the Policy Roadmap Executive Summary or the full Policy Roadmap: Five-Year Strategic Plan for Offices Under the President. The Executive Summary includes an overview of the Offices Under the President, our mission, vision and values, and the goals and objectives for each of the six policy priorities. The full plan includes background on Cook County, Cook County Government, and greater detail for each policy priority. Both the full Policy Roadmap and the Executive Summary are also available in Spanish. Below are videos explaining why equity is a foundational value of the Roadmap and the goal of each policy priority.

You can read the Policy Roadmap Community Conversation Report for more detail on the community feedback process.

Visit performance.cookcountyil.gov to view our annual reports and department dashboards to track our progress.

If you have questions or comments about the Policy Roadmap, feel free to reach out to Mara Heneghan at mara.heneghan@cookcountyil.gov.   

Value Spotlight: Why Equity Matters

Policy Priorities

Healthy Communities


Open Communities


Deputy Chief of Staff Lanetta Haynes Turner explains how we will foster Healthy Communities for residents and our employees through our work and partnerships in health and wellness. 


Ann Kalayil, Bureau Chief of Asset Management, explains how we will foster Open Communities and achieve operational excellence by being accountable to our residents, investing in our workforce and continuously improving the effectiveness of County services. 

Safe and Thriving Communities


Vital Communities


Delrice Adams, Executive Director of the Justice Advisory Council, explains how we will foster Safe and Thriving Communities through our work and partnerships in criminal justice. 



Simone Weil, Principal at the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, explains how we will foster Vital Communities through our work and partnerships in economic and community development. 

Smart Communities


Sustainable Communities


John Yonan, Superintendent of Transportation and Highways, explains how we will foster Smart Communities by leveraging and improving the County’s public infrastructure, including technology, transportation, and County assets.



Chief Sustainability Officer Deborah Stone explains how we will foster Sustainable Communities through our work and partnerships in environmental sustainability.